Blogging from my Xperia X10 phone

A couple of weeks back I installed this WordPress app on my Xperia X10 phone here. Up until now I hadn’t actually got around to testing it out properly. So here goes!

But first, why even bother with an app like this when you can blog via an email on any mobile phone with email, or browse to the actual blog and login? Well, there isn’t exactly a mobile WordPress web interface if you log into a blog from your phone. So this app is quite useful in that it essentially just gives you what  you need. Posting options, media attachments, editing etc. And yes, it works quite nicely as I’m posting on here now.

So what is missing? Well for a start you can’t upload themes and install them. The normal text and html options are comined for posting.

Anyway, I’ll keep this short. I basically just wanted to see how well this app worked allowing me to post from my Xperia X10. More on the way soon. I’m getting in the habit of posting to my blogs more often from now on.


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