Day two of this blog

imageFirstly, I can’t see myself posting here everyday, but thought I’d throw another post up just to keep things rolling.

Today I created another blog, as well as fixing another that’s been up for a while and disappeared a day or two ago for some strange reason. That particualr blog has apparently been doing quite well which is why I checked it. The one I created today is actually based on a topic that’s popular on the other blog I just mentioned. For a number of different reasons though, I’d rather not reveal what it’s about! Definitely nothing related to anything I’m interested in or would even know anything about.

So I’m on a bit of a roll here and still have quite a few more blogs planned. I think tomorrow I’ll try and organise content for a couple of the others I created yesterday. Which I can reveal. I created an Akai MPC blog for users of Akai MPC samplers. The other is about 35mm adapters, like the SG Pro I use on my Canon HV20. To be honest I’m not sure what exactly I’ll be posting on either of these blogs. Well, there’ll be movies of course. I’m hoping to get some interviews also, which could be interesting.

One thing I should mention.. The fun part of seting up all these blogs is creating themes for them using Artisteer. The theme for this very site took possibly the shortest amount of time out of all those I’ve created so far. And to be honest, I’m quite happy with how it looks. Artisteer themes are normally pretty easy to spot though. The great thing is that when you create them yourself they end up being more original than themes peopledownload from a number of the theme websites. There are times when I’ve seen the same exact theme used on multiple websites. Of course, they usually look quite decent.

Well, that’s about it. Not much more I can say today. Rest assured I’ll try and keep future posts more interesting.

2 Responses to “Day two of this blog”

  • Mel on March 20, 2011

    Hi Glenn,

    I’m checking out the other BIB participant’s blogs and I really like the layout of your site. I’m definitely going to have to retool my site design or at the very least play with it a bit more to clean it up and make it a little more professional looking. I might have to check out this artisteer thing.

    Good luck on the other two blogs and this one!

    ~ Mel

  • Glenn Thomas on March 20, 2011

    Thanks Mel, this is the Profits Theme I bought the other day which will be $27 until tomorrow. It’s quite powerful in that it lets you create membership sites and sales pages also. I’m looking at creating a membership site on another site I have, and this theme will be perfect for that. I’m not sure if I will keep using it here though.

    Good luck with your blogs too!